Meet Lauren

wedding planning partner & guest experience designer

based out of Seattle, Washington



"She has a get-it-done style with a laidback demeanor and easy smile.”

– Amy


I created Flying Anchor Events in 2016 with the intention to provide a kick ass service for couples looking to break and bend the rules when it comes to their wedding.

Before joining the Seattle wedding and events industry, I was a psychology nerd working in early childhood education management. I tend to joke that my time spent with young children prepared me to be successful in the wedding industry. The honest truth, is that IT TOTALLY DID!


Working with young children and first-time parents taught me how to bring humor, creativity, patience, and flexibility into tough and sensitive situations. These are the qualities & skills that I have adapted and applied to my role in the wedding industry.

I get fired up incorporating small, personal details with elements of surprise and delight into wedding day designs and guest experiences. Give me all the hidden dinos, Harry Potter touches, sprinkled in puns, and surprise ceremony locations. The sky is the limit and I can't wait to discover what we can create together!


“She is detail oriented, pro-active, calm, and dependable.” - Eri

Fun Facts

  • I belong to a rescue cat (Swarley) and a rescue dog (Cosmo).
  • I earned my Masters in Psychology in 2012.
  • A major goal I want to achieve in my lifetime is to become a sommelier.
  • My business name was inspired by an elaborate compass tattoo I have on my back that has an anchor hanging on the bottom and a bird flying off the top.
  • I was born and raised in southeastern Virginia. My personality is a combination of east coast edge, southern charm, and firey Aries energy.
  • When I'm not planning weddings you can find me at the dog park, pinball bar, or Trader Joes.
  • I’m almost always drinking coffee. If I’m not, I’m probably wishing I had a coffee.


Hero Image Credit: Karissa Roe Photography


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