Frenchie & Dan | Wallace Falls Lodge

“Fortune favors the bold, and in this case it was a bold move to plan for an outdoor ceremony in late September with NO real backup option in case of rain. When Frenchie and Dan’s wedding day came along, so did the rain. Five minutes prior to ceremony time thick smoky blue clouds rolled over and DUMPED rain on us. I’m a firm believer that the universe always provides you with exactly what you need and never frowns on a party. With a nervous bride inside watching as her guests huddled under umbrellas trying to stay dry in the monsooning rain, I happened to look up and see a lone patch of blue sky awaiting us after the thick clouds. I rallied the wedding party and assembled the catering team to swarm wiping down the ceremony chairs – this ceremony was going to happen OUTSIDE and we had maybe 15 minutes of clear weather before the next band of rain hit. Scroll through the photos below to see how it all played out. =) “


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